Foundation Seminars

A unique healthcare format that combines Chiropractic and Homeopathic in a complete and profound technique that takes your patients from a pool of symptomatic confusion and frustration into a simple, sequential, and effective cascade of healing. It is the perfect complimentary treatment to whatever chiropractic regime you utilize in your clinic.

   • because you learn homeopathy and its application in a basic foundational process with the emphasis on a progressive mindset rather than historic use.
   • because you learn to prescribe homeopathic remedies which are already combined in specific ratios and dilutions which allow for the coordination of physiological and emotional rebalancing to the structural adjustment.

   • because you are trained using aspects of muscle kinesiology and meridian therapy to read and interpret each patient’s system and to honor that patient with treatment in the correct and most natural order for optimal healing.
   • because, in that step-by-step process, the patient’s system finds its way back to true health in a powerful, infallible way.

   • because this goes beyond “random fashion” supplementation with vitamins and minerals; this goes beyond the typical “hit or miss,” “try and see” approach to healthcare.
   • because this BioSequencing technique enables you to determine each patient’s needs exactly; you learn how and when to apply the remedies to enhance the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.
   • because there is no fail, no guessing, no “cookbook” application; your work is precise because the human body is precise. And you have access to that information with this technique and these remedies.

This foundational HumanKind seminar is designed as a small group seminar. It is light-hearted in tone, clear in message and information, and strong in hands-on application.

The result: a depth of understanding and solid confidence in practical use, allowing for easy, sensible, and successful integration into the clinical setting.

Discover a powerful, accurate, and fail-safe treatment combination that allows for ease and excitement to play a predominant role in your pediatric cases. While teaching the fundamentals of the “HumanKind BioSequencing” Seminar, this seminar also focuses on the unique and very specific aspects of Healthcare for the children who present in your clinic.

The relaxed forum, with all the fundamentals and skills of the BioSequencing Seminar provides a dual opportunity to learn:
   • To access precise diagnostic information in all your pediatric cases like never before
   • To apply homeopathic and adjustment combinations that allow for exacting treatment and consistent results

Simple pediatric presentation can be a joy to work with, giving immediate and foreseeable results. But as doctors, we all know that many of the childhood cases can be difficult; communication and information with children can be non-existent or limited.

Whether your cases involve infants and toddlers, school-age or teen-age, there are often unique, frustrating, and confusing problems. Results, in many cases, range from temporary to sporadic; symptoms can be wild and misleading; treatment can become guesswork.

The wonderful truth is this: A child’s body always wants to heal.
A child’s body will always communicates its needs.
A child’s body will never make a mistake when it is trying to heal.
With the skills you’ll learn: You can access the exact information, with the right skills.
You can stimulate and guide the exact healing response, with the right tools.

ChildKind Pediatrics puts the right skills and tools in your hands to give you, step-by-step, the ability to work with your pediatric cases – and their parents – in a powerfully effective and beautifully consistent treatment regime.

Attend this relaxed and very productive seminar where we focus on a variety of childhood ailments, common and not-so-common disorders, as well as frustrating, fun and astonishing cases. We invite spouses to attend; we also invite attending doctors to bring children of all ages, family member or clinic patients.

The result:
a rewarding and revealing forum that allows for a rediscovery and a revitalization of effective pediatric treatment within your clinic.

Insight ♦ Intuition ♦ Intent

This day long “workshop” taught in conjunction with the BioSequencing Seminar is designed as an avenue of discovery for the women of the Chiropractic profession – an opportunity for bringing out the special and powerful qualities and talents that we at HumanKind International believe are unique to women doctors. This seminar gives women Chiropractors a supportive venue to develop and experience the skills and tools learned in BioSequencing, and at the same time apply them to your own life – personally and professionally – in a highly individual process.

This is an opportunity for personal refinement, directed at the underlying and specific reasons, emotional blocks, and limiting beliefs that commonly prevent women doctors from attaining and enjoying success and stability in both their personal and professional lives.

Working side-by-side with other women doctors, you have the opportunity to:
Release the unhealthy beliefs, definitions and patterns that are interfering with your contentment and success.
Remember those vital aspects of your true self that have been diminished or forgotten.
Reclaim the most powerful force in women practitioners – your insight and intuition.
Revitalize your energy, your dreams, your goals… to return to your true intent.

The WomanKind Seminar is relaxed and supportive; the work focuses on physiological and emotional growth. There are profound and effective results for each attending doctor. The process is guided with clarity, compassion and a sincere desire to provide the tools and the direction each doctor needs for her own life. The results and growth you achieve at the WomanKind Seminar continues in all areas of your life. And so does the support from HumanKind International and Solomon Center. One-on-one support continues, your connection with other women doctors continues, and a further opportunity for personal and professional refinement comes to you in the Advanced WomanKind Seminar – an exclusive 4-day seminar offering you a depth and breadth of growth that is unequalled.

We are inviting you to attend the WomanKind Seminar supporting the most unique and powerful doctors in the Chiropractic profession… the women doctors.

The result:
A greater level of confidence as a woman doctor; a more consistent level of success for your clinic; a higher level of health for your patients; a higher vibration for the world.

HumanKind International serves as the parent company for six corporate entities. In 1999 Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt, D.C. founded HumanKind International with one vision - to allow doctors access to a profound treatment method that gives patients the ability to reach a new level of health previously unattainable.
Solomon Center, is the link between doctors and HumanKind International providing information, tools, support and educational opportunities for doctors allowing them to successfully utilize these products and this technique for true physiological rebalancing.
HumanKind Resources is the branch of HumanKind International that provides the research, development and formulation of the HumanKind homeopathic product line.
The Technique Applied is a quick look at the combination of Chiropractic and Homeopathic … what the doctor will learn in the seminars and how it will work for doctors and their patients in the clinical settings
The Human Element – Designated as the lead team, Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt, D.C. and Erika Sutton. They are the hands-on corporate leaders who operate as the creative team overseeing and energizing every aspect and avenue of HumanKind International.
HumanKind Health Center has been operating under Dr. Hyatt's leadership since 1992 in Fort Collins Colorado. As a thriving chiropractic practice, Dr. Hyatt serves patients throughout the Fort Collins community, also working with patients around the United States. Add in yet another aspect of clinical work in the form of a country practice, complete with housecalls, and you have a full realm of patient health services.
Corporate Care is an avenue of health care that HumanKind International provides to corporations searching for an effective answer to wellness programs within their companies. HumanKind International's approach to health care provides a powerful and complete treatment regime for employee at a level that surpasses the typical “corporate wellness programs” both in cost and effectiveness.
Prairie Flower Ranch is the off-site research center, which also happens to be home to Dr. Hyatt. Since 1995, the ranch has served as research and rehabilitation for animals in trouble; using combinations of homeopathics to restore health in the four legged patients at Prairie Flower Ranch, the ranch has provided amazing avenues of scientific insight into homeopathic application for humans.
Into Africa is the affectionate name applied to the upcoming “Foundation” still in its infancy. With the profound need in Kenya, Uganda and Sudan for all types of health care, including chiropractic, combined with Dr. Hyatt's emotional draw to Africa itself, has inspired the beginnings of clinical and educational work by HumanKind International in several communities within Africa.