THY – Plex

Thy-Plex, HumanKind International's thyroid support, puts its entire focus on the thyroid and all of its functions. The thyroid gland always serves as a relay station for information from the brain to organs and from organs back to the brain. Feedback within the human body is crucial to normal function, and if the relay station is operating ineffectively or erroneously, then everything — every organ and system — feels the impact. Using electrical meridians, the nervous system, blood, chemicals and hormones, the thyroid relays information which greatly affects body fluid levels, calcium levels, heart rate, reproductive organ cycles and function, mental and emotional response, body temperature, and immune system response. Depending upon case history, genetics, trauma and physiological imbalance, the action of the thyroid can be high, low, aberrant, irregular or absent. Re-establishing vibrational levels to allow for better nutrition, balance and stabilization is the key to working with the thyroid. That is the focus of Thy-Plex.

When there is dysfunction within the thyroid and the body is focusing on stabilization and a return to normal function, there is a typical “pendulum-swing” of symptomatic extremes, including emotional swings, manic-depressive states, low energy to high energy, indecisiveness to clarity, calm to agitation, relaxed moods to over-excitement and temper flares.

It is always good to remember the word “temporary” when dealing with the thyroid. Emotions and symptoms can swing, giving a sense of instability and shakiness. Remember, that is the thyroid working to re-balance and return to normal. It's just temporary