RPT – Sys

The effects that emotional trauma and imbalance can have on physiology are sometimes profound and long-standing. Often the body will fall into a pattern of response or adaptation that may allow continued function but is not necessarily optimal.

HumanKind International's RPT-Sys focuses on the vibrational and electrical balances that offer the body the opportunity to release those “less than optimal” patterns and return to healthier reaction and response. Emotional and physiological rebalancing means physical rebalancing.

It is common for long-standing symptomatic patterns to become more pronounced as the body begins to correct old, unhealthy patterns. Emotional response may be edgy, over-reactive. Physical symptoms may present more extreme. That is the sign that the body is correcting. And that's when RPT-Sys will show as the preferred remedy. Sometimes the healing response is rapid, sometimes gradual; but as the situation corrects and heals, the old patterns disappear – whether physical or emotional.