HumanKind International's Vital-FL focuses on all the body fluids or “vital fluids” that course through the system. Realize that there are several types of fluids with specific functions in the human body — the circulatory system, the lymph system and nervous system — and each has its own fluid base.

All other fluids essential to the body — the fluids that circulate around and through muscles, infiltrate joints, bathe organs, are inside cells and outside — are essential to the system and full of oxygen, nutrients, minerals and electrolytes.

These fluids — about 56 per cent of the adult human body — have to remain healthy and balanced and in motion. Vital-FL has a powerful effect, assisting the body to establish and maintain a natural balance and flow in those fluids.

Whether the system is in a dehydrated state (fluid-to-mineral ratios are out of balance) or in a pattern of excess retention, Vital-FL brings attention to fluid re-stabilization.

Symptoms of imbalance can include abdominal bloating, constipation and diarrhea, fluid retention in hands and feet, swollen and achy joints, congestion in the lungs and respiratory system, sinus congestion and cold symptoms, insomnia, headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness.

So, any of those symptoms may show as a signal that Vital-FL is needed; they may also appear briefly as a sign that your body is correcting a dysfunction or insufficiency of fluids in a given region of the body in response to Vital-FL.

Remember, those same symptoms may be present due to many different problems in other organs or systems; the symptomatic picture just indicates that the body is fighting to return to normal.

If your doctor finds an imbalance in the essential fluids, then Vital-FL will show as the remedy of choice to assist the body with its work in that given situation. The same, or similar, symptoms may require different remedial help another time depending on organ and system involvement.