Joint instability or dysfunction, whether an acute injury or a long-standing problem, needs special focus – and that focus is what HumanKind International's TLB-Matrix provides.

Ligaments – attaching bone to bone, tendons – tethering muscle to bone, and all the infrastructures of the joints require select attention and nutritional boost if the integrity of the bone and the strength of the joint attachments are to be strengthened and maintained. In addition, TLB-Matrix has ingredients that normalize fluid dispersal, joint lubrication and circulatory and nervous system involvement.

Joint stabilization, adjustment, rehabilitation are all enhanced by the focus that TLB-Matrix provides. And used in specific sequence and in junction with other HumanKind International products such as Al-Inflam for inflammation, HCB for circulation, Para-BN for bone and calcium rejuvenation, L-Trans for lymphatic and joint space cleansing, there can be dramatic joint response and healing.

Restoring the integrity of the joints following traumatic injury, long-standing mal-adaptation or infectious compromise, is paramount for true and permanent healing in joints. With the appropriate sequence of remedy support specific to the individual case, the body can take the compromised joint or joints back to a healthier state and function.