Sweep is HumanKind International's detoxifying remedy. This homeopathic combination serves the body by initiating a sweeping or cleansing process that can involve any and all of the organs, organ systems and physiological regions and fluids of the body.

Timely and consistent removal of toxic materials, chemicals, residues and waste is crucial to the human body. Inability to do so or sluggish response leads to accumulation either regionally or throughout the system. That accumulation can lead to sickness and disease.

Effects of inappropriate detoxification can show with dramatic symptoms or they can be insidious and sit sub-clinical for long periods of time. Reaction time in the body can be acute or chronic. The resulting symptomatic picture can be obvious and easily tracked to toxic accumulation or it can be confusing, misleading, and seemingly un-traceable.

Tobacco, drug, and alcohol residues — current or long past; chemical toxins — from obvious incident or slow accumulation; wastes from living and dead bacteria and microorganisms; poisonings from traumatic situations or longstanding; are cleared from the system for a return to balanced and true health. It is not just the insult of these toxic situations but the long-term impact that causes dysfunction, confusion, and danger for the human body.

Sweep works to help the system assess and address detoxification with timing and precision. It is the right tool that must be applied at the right time. Priority and sequence must be watched—using Sweep to initiate and aid in detoxification can provide tremendous healing potential for the body. Sweep will show as a treatment remedy when the body feels ready and strong enough for that process. Forcing the body into detoxification before it is ready never works well, and may not work at all.

Symptoms of detoxification vary in intensity depending on the individual case and history. Specific organs and body regions give different symptomatic pictures as they cleanse. Your doctor knows when your system wants Sweep and how to help you understand and deal with the process.

All's fair in war, just as in love, and if your body is going into battle to clear and flush toxins and chemical residues out, there will be signs; what your body is learning and choosing to do for your sake is indispensable. It is all about health.