Renal Supp-RDP

Renal Supp-RDP is HumanKind International's homeopathic complex designed to support and promote healing in the kidneys and the entire renal system — including the kidney tissue itself, the renal pelvis, ureters, bladder and urethra.

The renal system has a vast array of functions and thus has a massive effect on the system as a whole, as well as specific organs. Heart rate, blood flow and filtration, blood pressure, fluid retention, fluid dilution and concentration — all receive influence and control from the kidneys.

Correcting any disruption in the renal system and restoring function, disinfecting, purging, and assuring ease of flow and filtration, are imperative for the health of the renal system as well as the health of the entire body. Renal Supp-RDP addresses each of those aspects specifically through the synergistic effect of the homeopathic combination. The ingredient ratios allow the system to find a healthier balance between the kidney system and the other organs and systems of the body.

When the renal system is compromised, not only are kidney and bladder symptoms likely to appear as the body seeks to re-establish healthy function, but other symptoms surface that often seem unrelated.

Headaches, vision changes and eye irritation, systemic or regional swellings, respiratory difficulties and cough, fluctuation of heart rate and blood pressure are possible. Low-back pain, neck and shoulder tension, wrist and hand discomfort may exist. Knee pain and aches are likely. Urinary patterns and volume may alter; color and odor may alter also. Sinus pain and cold symptoms are often present while kidneys heal.

Emotionally, anxiety, fears, sleep disruption and unrest are highly likely especially in the evening hours. Together with irritation of the eyes, back pain and knee pain, the emotional fears and unrest are the most typical symptoms of work in the kidneys.

Temporary is the key word to remember for the symptoms during rebalancing of the renal system. Renal Supp-RDP reduces the intensity of the symptoms, speeds up the healing process and eases the discomfort on the whole.