Para-BN is formulated to direct intense and specific focus on the four parathyroid glands to boost activity and to stabilize energy.

The parathyroid has numerous functions all of which can have dramatic effects throughout the entire system. It controls calcium concentration in fluids; it regulates calcium absorption from the gut, calcium excretion via the kidneys and calcium release from the bones. It also affects and regulates phosphate concentration. Perhaps most notable, the parathyroid has a serious involvement with maternal/fetal calcium balance and ratios during pregnancy; during lactation, the parathyroids enlarge greatly to supply needed calcium and phosphate.

Interestingly, calcium absorption from the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract is regulated as a result of the system's utilization of Vitamin D. The parathyroid hormones govern Vitamin D. So, all the calcium in the world won't correct or stimulate calcium balance in the human body unless the parathyroids are functioning optimally. That is where HumanKind International's Para-BN comes in.

Simply put, it stimulates and directs energy to the parathyroids to allow for healthy use and dispersal of Vitamin D, calcium and other related minerals. Fluid, blood, muscle and bone all feel the effect of balanced calcium levels. And so does the patient.