Nothing in the human body functions without the input of the nervous system. If the nervous system is functioning at less than optimal levels, so is the body. Muscles, bone, blood, organs—nothing moves, flows, responds, receives nutrition or assistance if the nervous system is not operating. Any region of the nervous system that is functioning low, slow or inadequately means that the region's response is the same.

HumanKind International's NRV-Systemic has the precise ratios of select homeopathic remedies that provide the vibrational energy the human body needs to balance and stimulate the entire nervous system — the brain and spinal cord of the “Central Nervous System” as well as the extensive and pervasive “Peripheral Nervous System” with its millions of connections to all aspects of the body.

NRV-Systemic provides energy and directed healing for crisis response to trauma and also shows as a priority remedy for long-standing nervous system dysfunction. Disorders such as Parkinson's, MS, various dystrophies, many forms of arthritis, epilepsy, tremors, nervous tension, and extended mental stress all may receive benefit. NRV may be called in for support for an extended length of time, or on a periodic basis as part of a sequence of healing.

Given the opportunity and the right support the nervous system can correct and return to a higher and healthier level. Likewise, with that correction, any regions, organs, or organ systems that were compromised have the same opportunity to heal.