HumanKind International's Male-Pros was formulated to put necessary healing focus on the prostate and the entire reproductive system and organs. Despite the prostate's crucial role in the male system in terms of emotional and physical growth, hormonal patterns, and reproduction it is largely ignored until dysfunction or symptoms are severe or irreversible. To detect and correct sub clinical problems are essential.

In this society with steroids and female hormones used in such great excesses in beef, dairy, chicken, and eggs, male hormone levels, reproductive organs and the prostate are seriously impacted.

The combination of homeopathic ingredients in Male-Pros facilitates appropriate hormonal response and provides the potential for an increase or decrease in hormone production within the male glandular system, as the individual system warrants. The prostate receives support. Emotions and male response have the opportunity to normalize and stabilize. Physical symptoms that suggest use of Male-Pros will vary from sexual dysfunction to other symptoms such as pain, discomfort, swelling, local or dispersed inflammation, low back and pelvic pain, and infertility.

Because of the strong emotional aspect associated with the prostate, it is common for Male-Pros to show either alternating or concurrent use with HumanKind International's Brain Supp and the HCB products.

To experience emotional challenges either prior to prescribed use or during the use of Male-Pros is not uncommon — sadness, depression, mood-swings, irascibility, temper-flares can sometimes occur. And sometimes, knowing the emotions and behaviors are the results of organ and hormone imbalance can help. And, correction and healing can occur with the appropriate assistance and time. As always, don't look for a way to make symptoms stop; look for healing to correct the reason for symptoms.