Lung - Resp

There are many distinct coughs that pinpoint problems in the lungs and respiratory system; some indicate acute infections, some for long-standing conflict, some for genetic predispositions and illness, some for trauma – physical and physiological. Some coughs become symptomatic patterns – i.e., asthma, pneumonias, tuberculosis, emphysema. Regardless of the label or diagnosis, it is crucial to remember the cough is the life-saving mechanism and the warning signal that the body is focusing in the lungs and needs assistance.

HumanKind International's Lung-Resp is designed with that understanding and it provides focus and assistance to the lungs and entire respiratory tract. It's important to know that along with their own infectious states and genetic histories, the lungs also leave other vulnerabilities. Because of their structural make up and position in the “physiological flow” of the human body, the lungs often become repositories for other organs. The liver and heart can have direct influences on the lungs, being “just upstream” in terms of circulation. The lymphatic system releases flow via the thoracic ducts within millimeters of the lungs. The kidneys, if function is sluggish or altered, can indirectly alter lung function both in terms of biochemistry and fluid retentions.

Lung-Resp takes all those functions into consideration. Adding to and stabilizing vibrational, nutritional and electrical balance in the lungs restores oxygen to normalize respiratory patterns, and not just to the lungs, but to the entire system via the blood. The brain, the liver, the heart, and every other organ and organ system receives benefit from Lung-Resp.