HumanKind International's LV-FX is about liver function – what the liver's doing wrong, what it should be doing right. And with 500 to 700 functions, the liver is an organ that has a huge impact on the body. When the liver is malfunctioning and is out-of-balance, other organs feel the impact that may appear as symptoms that seem unrelated to the liver: headaches, digestive disturbances, skin out-breaks, respiratory disturbances, blood pressure and circulatory changes, and emotional upheavals, to name a few.

LV-FX is a complex of homeopathic remedies that work “synergistically” to instigate action in the liver and related organs. To utilize separate remedies for each of the 500 to 700 liver functions is impractical at best. Finding an effective array of remedies that work together “in synergy” — the whole (or final result) is greater than the sum of the parts (or individual remedies) — allows for a powerful remedy with profound healing results.

Doctors know, and it's good for patients to know, that a liver in dysfunction usually means emotions are too. As other organs and systems experience irritation due to the liver, usually the patient experiences that same irritation on an emotional level. Intolerance, temper flares and angry outbursts all can surface as the liver is attempting to heal. In effect, as the liver is trying to find a healthy balance, the emotions are also. Sleep patterns are often disrupted – especially between 1:00 am and 3:00 am, with night sweats and disturbing dreams. The liver stores toxins and angry emotions; for the liver to achieve physiological health there has to be emotional healing too. LV-FX is going to assist in that process as well. The “bad stuff” has to come out or it stays in and creates sickness and disease. LV-FX helps the liver release the “bad stuff” more smoothly and easily and return to a healthier function. The liver generally returns to health in stages. It helps to remember that the discomfort and moods that may occur during these stages are temporary. The healing is permanent. And, if your moods and personality seem wacky – try laughing about it. It is temporary. And there is medicine in the laughter.