As HumanKind International's lymphatic system remedy, L-Trans directs the activity of its homeopathic ingredients toward normalizing flow, movement and vitality within the lymphatic channels to generate healthy response throughout the body as a whole.

The lymphatic system works as an accessory route for vital fluids of the body and thus has a profound effect on interstitial fluid dynamics and edema. It also serves to carry proteins and large particulate matter and residues away from tissues, joints and organs. In short, it functions like an irrigation system and a sewer system all in one.

There are two important considerations to remember about the lymph system. First, if the lymph system slows down, stagnates or “clogs,” problems show up. And being a very extensive and pervasive system servicing every part and region of the body, wherever it slows or halts is where symptoms are likely to appear.

Second, it is important to realize that the lymph system has no internal pump to move fluid. The circulatory system has the heart that pumps and pushes blood to insure continuous movement and flow. No such pump for the lymph. The lymph fluid flows only in response to muscle movement and gravity.

With this understanding, it's easy to see that edema and swelling are often signs that the lymph system needs a boost to move fluid along, especially uphill. The major “bend” areas — like the knees, hips, upper arm and shoulder areas-can often impede and restrict flow of lymph. L-Trans may show as a remedy of choice.

Trauma and injury require the body to deliver an increase of fluids — inflammation — to a specific region. The lymphatics may not be able to move fluid and particles out as quickly as they flow in. L-Trans may be appropriate in such situations.

Increased use of a body region such as seasonal yard work, shoveling snow or a sudden increase in exercise; can initiate a greater lymph flow which sometimes shows up as a regional discomfort the next day. Lymph channels overload, slow and swell. Shoulders ache, neck muscles feel stiff and sore, arms or legs are swollen, and head feels congested. Thus, sometimes presumed injuries and illnesses can be an overload and slow-down of the lymph flow. That is when L-Trans comes in, if you get the lymph flowing, return the dynamics to normal, and symptoms resolve. That is the reason for L-Trans.