HCB – Tone

The heart, circulatory systems and blood all receive attention and assistance from HumanKind International's HCB-Tone.

When the body is experiencing dysfunction in the cardiovascular system, or when the body is waiting on health within that system, it's common to experience tiredness, fatigue, headaches, variations in heart rate and intensity. Shoulders and arms may ache and feel heavy; leg aches and cramps may exist, and even respiration may be altered.

HCB-Tone directs focus more toward the heart as a functioning muscle, its nutrition and condition, its strength and consistency. More commonly the “A” and “AB” blood types will find HCB-Tone beneficial.

Remember, symptoms mean the body is fighting to normalize. Homeopathic remedies make the process easier, faster and safer. As soon as the correction is achieved, the symptoms stop.