Calming over-reaction in the digestive tract; reducing inflammation and fluid-retention in the colon and tissues of the abdomen; normalizing digestive balance; assisting with enzymatic response – all come into play with the use of HumanKind International's GDS-Calm. But the greatest effect from GDS-Calm is toward the gall bladder and bile duct and especially in the hiatal and duodenal regions of the digestive system. Heartburn, stomach upset, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers – all receive benefit from GDS-Calm when called up as a remedy. It's the homeopathic remedy of choice for digestive upset and over-reaction – far and beyond over-the-counter medications; and this remedy's ability for inspiring healing response and return to normal function far exceeds synthetic medications.

Remember, when function is abnormal, that means organs are responding abnormally and are out of balance. Finding the reason for the abnormal “symptoms” and the imbalance and correcting that is true health care. Working step-by-step in appropriate sequence – according to the body's needs – is the only way to restore balance among the organs. Restore the balance, then function returns to normal and symptoms recede and disappear. That's because “healing” has taken place.

And remember:
Correcting the imbalance is health.
Covering up the symptoms is dangerous.