Fem Repair-Non Preg and Fem Response

Working with the female system requires attention on several different fronts; for a complete picture of health, glandular and hormonal balancing must be addressed, along with the health status and function of the reproductive organs themselves.

HumanKind International presents two homeopathic complexes for women, one focuses more on chronic dysfunction and a need for long term rebalancing and rebuilding to a healthier state. Fem Repair-Non Preg assists the body in repair of glandular and reproductive tissue and also re-establishes the chemical and hormonal connections that are so vital to optimal and normal reproductive function in women.

Fem Repair typically shows for “foundational” work with the reproductive system—addressing long standing imbalance and dysfunction such as menstrual difficulties and disorders, endometriosis, infertility, chronic infectious states, as well as related symptomatic patterns like migraines, bloating, edema, back pain, breast pain and emotional swings.

HumanKind International's second homeopathic remedy for the female reproductive system is Fem Response. Typically this remedy shows more often for immediate response to distress or discomfort related to the reproductive system and the related organs and hormonal balance.

Fem Response may show up to ease monthly symptomatic patterns that are extreme; it may show periodically during pregnancy to soothe and help balance physiological surges, morning sickness, mood swings, depression, fears and labor pain. This remedy also typically shows post-partum to re-set hormonal and uterine function to a non-pregnant status.

Either remedy may be required when the female reproductive system requires assistance. There are some typical scenarios as addressed above, but when the hormonal system is calling the shots, anything is fair. Both remedies provide the nutritional and vibrational stimulation to induce and allow healing to take place.