EpI/Cell Rep

Providing nourishment and energy to repair and revitalize various surfaces of the system are crucial in order to maintain and protect the integrity and function of the internal aspects of the system. EpI/Cell Rep by HumanKind International allows for that type of healing through the synergy created by its array of homeopathic ingredients.

Epithelial cells form the covering of most internal surfaces and organs and the outer surfaces of the body. Those cells — their health and vitality — receive a lot of impact and attention with the use of EpI/Cell Rep. The skin, various tissues of the eyes, organ membranes, interior surfaces of the mouth and sinuses, nasal cavities, throat, esophagus, stomach, small and large colon, bladder and urethra, uterus and vaginal tract — all can receive benefit and healing focus when EpI/Cell Rep shows as a priority for treatment.

Likewise, on a microscopic level, each of the 75 trillion cells in the body, including some 25 trillion blood cells, needs to stay healthy, maintain function, and receives food and oxygen. Each of those cells has its own surface membrane, fluids and internal organs.

Realizing that, it becomes clear that the human body is in a constant state of evolution and the focus on health has to be constant and involve both the obvious or “macroscopic” health issues—and the more subtle, unseen and often over-looked “microscopic” issues. When cellular repair and care is called for, EpI/Cell Rep will show up as a treatment of choice.

Skin eruptions, and rashes; wounds large and small; aftermath of surgeries, childbirth and traumas; eye irritation and injuries and progressive vision problems; inflammatory digestive disorders and ulcers…any of these can be obvious symptoms that will benefit from and require the use of EpI/Cell Rep.

But sometimes there is unseen, deeper healing going on, too, that may not be so obvious or symptomatic. Remember, with 75 trillion cells, when “EpI” shows up, there’s a whole a lot of healing going on.