HumanKind International's ENC is lightly referred to as “emotional health in a bottle” by doctors who utilize this remedy. Because of its focus to correct the emotional-neural connections between the brain and the various organs, ENC allows for healing to occur on avenues and vibrational levels rarely accessed by healing practitioners.

Using the brain as a starting point, the homeopathic ingredients in ENC direct activity toward specific organs. All organs receive physiological support through the circulatory system, systemic fluids, chemicals and hormones, and direct nervous innervation. There is also an emotional connection from the brain via the energy flow of the nervous system that influences the organ. And conversely that relay system also influences how the organs affect the brain.

In the human body, just like a television antenna or a satellite dish, if the components aren't aligned right the message and information don't travel smoothly, reception is bad, function is distorted, inhibited or sometimes halted. In the body, if the electro-emotional patterns are dysfunctional, emotional response to healing is limited and confused. Physical health — structural and physiological — is restricted as emotional health is compromised. Organs and entire organ systems lose energy and vitality; symptoms of physiological insufficiency appear; confusion and distress within the system grow. Left unresolved long enough, and the system experiences depression on various levels physiologically and emotionally – sometimes clinically observable, sometimes sub-clinical.

It is fairly common to experience a sense of emotional unrest, depression or anxiety prior to this homeopathic showing as a remedy of choice. The symptomatic signal for assistance diminishes as the system receives support, sometimes in conjunction with another remedy directed toward a specific organ, such as heart, liver, kidneys or thyroid.

Initial response with ENC often seems fairly rapid – but remember, true healing is not about “quick results,” it's about re-establishing and maintaining healthy patterns. Make sure that your system has the time to stabilize the emotional pathways.