Category V

This homeopathic combination stimulates some of the most profound activity in the immune system… “profound” referring here not just to amazing, but also to the depth of its involvement.

In one respect, this product acts like the follow-up team to the other four Category remedies as it inspires a deeper and more involved response. For example, if Category I was utilized to stimulate immune system involvement in the lungs to fight bacteria, then Category V would be used to take that same battle deeper – not just in the tissue of the lungs, but inside the cells of the lung tissue. Healing at the cellular level is the most precise and crucial work that the immune system can do. No pharmaceutical drug or nutritional supplement can penetrate the cell membrane. The body itself has that capability and if it hasn't gone to that depth in the healing process on its own, then Category V will provide that energetic thrust.

In another respect, Category V provides a unique healing opportunity. Through numerous circumstances and avenues toxic chemicals, metals and residues can be introduced into the human body, and can create serious, and sometimes, deadly chaos in the system. No matter what the reason or means of entry was, nor whether it is recent or long-standing… it is rare that the body can readily or easily eliminate those toxic substances on its own. And those kinds of toxins continue to be destructive and debilitating as long as they remain. Category V provides the body with the avenue and the energy to detoxify readily, easily and safely.