Category Remedies

The focus of the five Category remedies is to stimulate the body's immune system into appropriate response toward a variety of invasive or infectious organisms whether acute or long-standing. These complex remedies also assist in the removal and flushing of chemical and heavy metal toxins and the resulting residues.

Each Category has a particular level of reaction and “drive” that allows the body the best and most appropriate fight for the healing process that is priority. Each is specific for a certain type of healing response to certain types of infectious states. Simply put, it's a matter of giving the body the right gun and ammunition for the fight. Depending upon the body's target, the category of remedy will differ just as different kinds of battles require different kinds of tactics. The five HumanKind International Category remedies allow that support so the body can fight efficiently and fully.

Your doctor can clarify the type of target and the expected reaction your body will have based upon the specific category you need. But, it's always good to remember that when your immune system is working against infection or toxins there will be signs that a fight is going on. The “symptoms” of that battle are not always pleasant, but they are a sign that your body is working to correct an invasive situation or a mal-adaptation. Consider the wisdom of helping that fight along toward a healthy resolution, so the infection is forced out and not just suppressed into dormancy.

The Categories assist the body toward a complete victory and allow the immune system to re-learn healthy reaction. Using drugs to subdue the immune response so that symptoms disappear is not health care; that's care of the sickness. Ask about symptoms and healthy response. Appreciate the fight that your body will wage to protect your health and to prevent the accumulation of sickness and disease.