Category IV

When Category IV shows up as remedy of choice, it is likely in response to a confusing or unexplainable collection of symptoms, maybe new, maybe long-term… but probably obvious and troublesome.

These are likely parasitic infections and there are a lot of micro-organisms that fall under that label, and a lot of other organisms that will take on parasitic-type actions. And to complicate matters, there are a whole lot of introduction modalities too – they can enter via wounds, water and food; genetic predisposition, environmental conditions and geography can put a system at risk. Once in the body, parasites can take over whole regions, not bothering to stop with one organ system, they typically invade several… if in the liver, expect them in the gallbladder, the stomach or intestines… if in the heart, look to the blood vessels, muscle tissue and joints… etc.

Complicated symptoms, confusing health history, mental exhaustion, emotional depression, scattered laboratory findings and numerous diagnoses – any and all of these, with no traceable patterns or relationships, are a typical scenario in which Category IV would be prescribed.

With the help of this remedy, the symptomatic pieces will typically clear up fast as the body goes to work; but be aware, — it can be a drawn-out process because there are usually a lot of pieces to go through. The good news here is that with parasitic involvement, usually the body knows what the fight should look like, it just doesn’t have the right caliber of weapon to engage successfully. That’s where Category IV fits in. Just be patient….