Category III

As with other infections, those which Category III targets, can appear as simply transmitted colds and flues; and, like staph- and strept-type infections, they can be fairly straight-forward for your immune system — simple response… quick results — thanks to this homeopathic combination and your system's ability to learn.

Viral organisms, and like-minded creatures, can sometimes get a little (or a lot) more invested in the human body; they will move throughout an organ system quickly and quietly… You thought you had a simple rhino-virus in the nasal passages and it seemed like you were getting over it… then suddenly, you have a cough, you're short of breath and low on energy… then you realize your shoulders hurt, you're having night sweats, sharp pains in your chest, and you're feeling weaker… and you thought the “cold” was gone five weeks ago. That scenario is typical of a virus moving through the entire respiratory system.

Depending on where they start, the viral-type infections do take over the whole neighborhood, (renal system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, to name a few) unless your immune system spots the situation and has the energy and the tools for the complete fight. One of the inherent difficulties is that these “take-overs” aren't always obvious. It can be a quick, quiet process or a slow insidious development. Your body may be slow to recognize the process for what it is or it may not have the knowledge and experience it needs to respond with the right effort – for a variety of reasons, including hereditary factors, health history, and nutritional deficiencies.

The symptomatic problems caused by dormant infections can show up years later with no obvious connection to the original infectious process. That's where Category III comes in. When a patient's body calls for this remedy, it's about revving up the immune system for a deep battle -- whether the infection, and the symptoms associated with it, are acute or chronic.