Category II

We find the immune response that Category II elicits is the type of fight needed for streptococcal bacterium or other organisms which can act similarly. Any “strept-type” infection can bring up cold and flu type symptoms, runny nose, sore throat, sinus swelling, aching joints—all those common symptoms of a contagious infection. These aren't always difficult, long-lasting battles, but if your system calls for Category II, it is asking for the energy and the help to learn how to fight this type of infection effectively.

You may have a system that for some reason, (personal history, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, immune system exhaustion, glandular deficiencies) doesn't fight these strept or strept-type infections well or to completion. If you deal with these symptomatic pictures repeatedly, or if they become long drawn-out affairs from which you never seem to fully recover, then Category II is going to come to your rescue.

The thing to remember is the body can learn, or relearn, to respond effectively, to complete the battle, and to seek out any dormant “pockets” of infection within your system, whether the infection is recent and acute, or invaded years prior. And no matter when these “bugs” arrived, they likely traveled to regions well beyond the initial entry site; they can set up house-keeping in joints, (commonly in knees, wrists, shoulders, spinal segments, hips) in organs, (kidneys, colon, reproductive organs, heart, lungs) and other regions — creating havoc, misleading symptomatic pictures and mistaken diagnoses.

Many long-standing, confusing and painful patterns of symptoms — no matter what the diagnosis or medical explanation — can trace back to hidden infections. That's where Category II comes into the picture