Cal-5-Revive is not a calcium supplement although it is often mistaken for one; it does not add dietary calcium to the system. What it does do is to give the human body the appropriate energetic tools which assist with the distribution and usage of all calcium within the body. So, it becomes a crucial key when working to balance calcium levels.

The typical thought process is to simply increase calcium levels in the body through a staggering variety of choices of dietary supplementations. The vast array of choices that reach the minds and doorsteps of doctors, and the public as well, is dictated not necessarily by true health needs or scientific reason, but by marketing firms and government organizations.

The real, underlying issue with dietary calcium is rarely due to a lack or an insufficiency, but rather to the body's inappropriate use, absorption and distribution of available calcium. Simply put, it doesn't matter how much calcium you ingest or have available —if you can't use it efficiently, then you lose it, or misuse it. Which type of calcium, where it's used, how it's used and why, are all crucial to healthy response and balance in the body.

Cal-5-Revive is years ahead of its time; each ingredient in this product works synergistically to stimulate the body to use all types of calcium and all the avenues of calcium distribution in the human system. Uniquely, it also assists is reabsorbing abnormal and unnecessary calcium deposits such as spurs and scar tissue. It facilitates the strengthening of various connective tissues and bone which aids in stabilizing the chiropractic adjustment. And, while it was not designed as a catalyst, Cal-5-Revive will amplify the effectiveness of other prescribed remedies and supplements when used in combination.

The costs and confusion of random supplementation with calcium ceases to be an issue. With the appropriate calcium use that Cal-5-Revive initiates, the body's ability to heal increases and the time required to heal decreases.