CL • N

When working with the health of the human body as a whole, remember that all imbalances — bio-chemical, nutritional, structural — always affect emotional health. And likewise, emotional health always effects physical health. Major traumas have an obvious emotional impact, but micro traumas, such as sub-clinical condition, long-standing injuries, mal-adaptation and dormant infections all interfere with emotional health as well as the physical.

CL•N uses an array of long proven remedies which complexed together allow the system to release aberrant emotional patterns thereby closing the system to emotional vulnerability.

Within this complex is a broad-range synergistic appeal for the body – a variety of tools to use and apply as necessary to enable the healing and rebalancing process to proceed.

OP•P and CL•N are new combinations of raw materials that have never been used before. The complex ratios provide for a vibrational electrical and chemical balancing that allows and inspires a return to health. Patterns within the body are rebalanced, and the body is able to recognize and maintain normal. That kind of synergy and approach to healing is advanced beyond any homeopathic or nutritional supplements available today.