Brain Supp

First and foremost, remember that the brain is an organ. While it is directly and indirectly responsible for all other organ and system functions, it is also, in and of itself a separate organ. And like any other organ in the human body it has to be regarded as such and at times, it has to receive its own nutrition, its own care and attention.

Structural integrity, physiology and chemical balancing and emotional impact to the brain can all be monitored and corrected. HumanKind International’s Brain Supp is designed to provide that avenue. The nutritional, chemical and resulting electrical re-balancing for the brain lies in the exacting formula with precise ratios which re-establish normal vibrational levels – right down to the very cells. In effect, Brain Supp works directly on function within the brain itself as well as with physiological connections and symptomatic patterns in organs and organ systems.

Symptoms can show as emotional unrest, anxiety, depression, irritability, confusion, sleeplessness, and a myriad of other mental responses. Physiological symptoms will be consistent with the corresponding organs and systems involved in the brain’s healing response at that time.