Al-Inflam was developed to assist the body in its response to injury, infection and allergy. This remedy usually becomes a favorite for patients to have on-hand—when a symptomatic pattern or trauma occurs; Al-Inflam is a strong “first response” to utilize until the doctor can provide specific sequencing.

Allergic response by the human body is simply an abnormal or over-reaction to normal substances. It can, at its best, be a life-saving response; it can also become habitual and excessive for the system and the involved organs.

Al-Inflam assists the body by quieting the over-reaction of specific organs like the liver and lungs, and normalizing production of histamines and other chemical responses. Organs, tissues and membranes “quiet,” inflammation is reduced, congestion dissipates.

All of that works well in allergic response, and it provides remarkable relief in any inflammatory situation due to infection or trauma. Inflammation, or localized swelling, is the body’s natural response to insult—bacterial, viral or chemical invasion and physical trauma in the form of external wounds or internal disruption. The body uses fluid movement — the blood, vital fluids and lymphatic fluids — as transportation of nutrients, chemicals and healing agents to the area of concern. The presence of the fluids — seen as inflammation and swelling — is important and the complex of homeopathics in Al-Inflam insures that fluid exchange and movement stays active and vital to allow for optimal nutrients and healing to that region.

That allows for a decrease in intensity and duration of discomfort, a speedier recovery and a more thorough healing of the tissues.

Headaches, cold and flu symptoms, joint and muscle aches, back pain, digestive upset, bloating and edema can all be quieted with Al-Inflam when it shows as a support remedy. Typically it works in tandem with another priority remedy to assist in a healing pattern and response. But for temporary help, until a doctor’s specific advice can be obtained, Al-Inflam is the essential “when in doubt, try it out” homeopathic.