Adrenal glands often tend to be ignored and are rarely given appropriate attention to enable the body to draw from their resources. Their importance as backup support for other systems, their ability to surge to restore function, and their capacity to intervene to rebalance are recognized but rarely corrected, or put to use to inspire healing.

While extremely complex, the adrenal glands function in some very basic arenas. Fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism are greatly affected by these two glands, as well as blood glucose levels. Adrenals provide a significant effect on extra-cellular systemic fluid levels along with rate of absorption via the renal system. And, there is a profound involvement on male and female hormone secretion and balance.

ADR-Bal provides the support and avenue to utilize the adrenals’ glandular potential. Stimulating and supporting the adrenals and allowing the body as a whole to draw upon their balancing and restorative properties, presents the opportunity to re-establish and re-train healthy response system-wide. Nutritional support, timing and sequencing, are essential for adrenals to return to and maintain normal balance. ADR-Bal is that necessary support