And here’s the scoop…

Welcome to Healthcare at HumanKind Health Center

What makes us different is…

˜ An amazing and unique approach to Chiropractic care

˜ Two doctors who are passionate about making a difference for their patients and for their community.

˜ A clinic that takes pride in guiding patients out of pain and danger, and back to health and well-being.

HumanKind Health Center is an established Chiropractic Clinic located in an historic building in the beautiful Old Town District of Fort Collins, Colorado.

With two doctors working side by side, and highly-trained and attentive staff assistants, patients not only receive a high level of focus but a health care regime that is unique in this community.

Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt brings a profound blend of Chiropractic treatment and Homeopathic application to their patients; this combination allows for a powerful and fail-safe means of restoring normal healing patterns. And that means going beyond the typical symptom with-chasing treatment protocols and insures treatment of the underlining causes of health problems.

The realm of treatment that this type of structural and biochemical rebalancing reached is astounding. A high percentage of the cases that HumanKind Health Center attracts are the difficult and confusing health problems that have confounded other health care professionals. Whether for crises care or long- standing and chronic health problems, this blended approach guides patients back onto a healthy track, sensibly and smoothly, with no mistakes and no guessing.

This treatment regime of specific homeopathic remedies, formulated by Dr. Hyatt, combined with the Chiropractic adjustment and health care is so affective and so profound that both doctors travel nationwide teaching professional seminars---- training doctors …Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Medical Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians--- to apply this extraordinary system of health care into their private practices.

HumanKind International serves as the parent company for six corporate entities. In 1999 Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt, D.C. founded HumanKind International with one vision - to allow doctors access to a profound treatment method that gives patients the ability to reach a new level of health previously unattainable.
Solomon Center, is the link between doctors and HumanKind International providing information, tools, support and educational opportunities for doctors allowing them to successfully utilize these products and this technique for true physiological rebalancing.
HumanKind Resources is the branch of HumanKind International that provides the research, development and formulation of the HumanKind homeopathic product line.
The Technique Applied is a quick look at the combination of Chiropractic and Homeopathic … what the doctor will learn in the seminars and how it will work for doctors and their patients in the clinical settings
The Human Element – Designated as the lead team, Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt, D.C. and Erika Sutton. They are the hands-on corporate leaders who operate as the creative team overseeing and energizing every aspect and avenue of HumanKind International.
HumanKind Health Center has been operating under Dr. Hyatt's leadership since 1992 in Fort Collins Colorado. As a thriving chiropractic practice, Dr. Hyatt serves patients throughout the Fort Collins community, also working with patients around the United States. Add in yet another aspect of clinical work in the form of a country practice, complete with housecalls, and you have a full realm of patient health services.
Corporate Care is an avenue of health care that HumanKind International provides to corporations searching for an effective answer to wellness programs within their companies. HumanKind International's approach to health care provides a powerful and complete treatment regime for employee at a level that surpasses the typical “corporate wellness programs” both in cost and effectiveness.
Prairie Flower Ranch is the off-site research center, which also happens to be home to Dr. Hyatt. Since 1995, the ranch has served as research and rehabilitation for animals in trouble; using combinations of homeopathics to restore health in the four legged patients at Prairie Flower Ranch, the ranch has provided amazing avenues of scientific insight into homeopathic application for humans.
Into Africa is the affectionate name applied to the upcoming “Foundation” still in its infancy. With the profound need in Kenya, Uganda and Sudan for all types of health care, including chiropractic, combined with Dr. Hyatt's emotional draw to Africa itself, has inspired the beginnings of clinical and educational work by HumanKind International in several communities within Africa.