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The Human Element

The Lead Team

Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt received her Chiropractic training and education at both Northwestern College of Chiropractic and Parker College of Chiropractic, graduating and receiving her doctorate from Parker in 1992. She developed a thriving clinical practice in Fort Collins Colorado as well as a country practice complete with housecalls in the surrounding area. Within her first four months in business, she found herself immersed in the processes of researching and formulating product lines for several nutritional companies in the United States. Working with compositions of vitamins and minerals, glandular and herbal ingredients, she found herself guiding and inspiring the production of some of the top tier product lines on the market as well as traveling, teaching and coaching on an international seminar circuit.

“It was a surprise to me … it wasn’t what I had assumed my life as a Chiropractor would look like. But when the passion I had for Chiropractic aligned with my fascination with physiology and a deepening appreciation of biochemistry – I found a whole new drive and purpose within this profession.”

With her own personal battle with lung cancer – a typically terminal form – came the decision to immerse herself into the study and art of Homeopathy. With a wry smile, she admits, “the quest for survival is definitely the mother of invention.” It was the rebalancing of physiology and the re-initiation of normal function and energy flow that she was seeking – and that was the avenue for Homeopathy. Not the classical application, but a new application of Homeopathic synergy and focus. That was the beginning of the research and the road that lead to HumanKind International.

“Again, not what I thought I would be doing. But I do revel in adventure and I do trust in the unknown because I believe that intent and focus override risk and fear. To me intent always directs and creates outcome.”

As founder and owner of HumanKind International and its sister company Solomon Center, Dr. Hyatt is now a nationally renowned Chiropractic practitioner, speaker and educator in Chiropractic and Homeopathic techniques. She teaches extensively for HumanKind International educating doctors in the Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Medical professions, as well as Dentists and Veterinarians, in the beautifully blended, ‘hybrid approach’ of Chiropractic and Homeopathic that HumanKind International sponsors. Her broad background in education and in a variety of professions – journalism, public relations, political involvement in the United States Senate and sports law in Washington D.C. – have given her a wide realm of experience from which she still draws.

Each avenue served as a stepping stone for the next and she says, “and all those experiences still serve me well as a doctor … all the thoughtless mistakes, all the lucky breaks, all the hard knocks, the wins and the bright moments. It’s all about defining your life and your character. You choose your directions; you enjoy the journey; you trust the process.”

That she says, is how you create and find passion. “It’s all about synergy and summation, education and enhancement.” So do you have a personal philosophy we ask? “Oh, “she says with that wry, slightly crooked smile, “yeah … as long as you are standing on this ice, you might as well dance.”

HumanKind International serves as the parent company for six corporate entities. In 1999 Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt, D.C. founded HumanKind International with one vision - to allow doctors access to a profound treatment method that gives patients the ability to reach a new level of health previously unattainable.
Solomon Center, is the link between doctors and HumanKind International providing information, tools, support and educational opportunities for doctors allowing them to successfully utilize these products and this technique for true physiological rebalancing.
HumanKind Resources is the branch of HumanKind International that provides the research, development and formulation of the HumanKind homeopathic product line.
The Technique Applied is a quick look at the combination of Chiropractic and Homeopathic … what the doctor will learn in the seminars and how it will work for doctors and their patients in the clinical settings
The Human Element – Designated as the lead team, Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt, D.C. and Erika Sutton. They are the hands-on corporate leaders who operate as the creative team overseeing and energizing every aspect and avenue of HumanKind International.
HumanKind Health Center has been operating under Dr. Hyatt's leadership since 1992 in Fort Collins Colorado. As a thriving chiropractic practice, Dr. Hyatt serves patients throughout the Fort Collins community, also working with patients around the United States. Add in yet another aspect of clinical work in the form of a country practice, complete with housecalls, and you have a full realm of patient health services.
Corporate Care is an avenue of health care that HumanKind International provides to corporations searching for an effective answer to wellness programs within their companies. HumanKind International's approach to health care provides a powerful and complete treatment regime for employee at a level that surpasses the typical “corporate wellness programs” both in cost and effectiveness.
Prairie Flower Ranch is the off-site research center, which also happens to be home to Dr. Hyatt. Since 1995, the ranch has served as research and rehabilitation for animals in trouble; using combinations of homeopathics to restore health in the four legged patients at Prairie Flower Ranch, the ranch has provided amazing avenues of scientific insight into homeopathic application for humans.
Into Africa is the affectionate name applied to the upcoming “Foundation” still in its infancy. With the profound need in Kenya, Uganda and Sudan for all types of health care, including chiropractic, combined with Dr. Hyatt's emotional draw to Africa itself, has inspired the beginnings of clinical and educational work by HumanKind International in several communities within Africa.